Week 4:  OMG it is my fourth week here working in Brooklyn and there’s only one week left I cannot believe it!  Trying to get the most out this experience as much as possible, I’ve been exploring the surrounding area where I work and I just love greenpoint and williamsburg.  These two areas of Brooklyn are a must visit!  So hipster!

When exploring I happened to stumble on a greeting card on the floor of our building.  I soon found out that the office literally right next to ours that I pass by everyday is a greeting card, fine art print, and jewelry line company.  Their company goes by the name of Goldteeth, and I seriously want to buy all of their stationary, it’s so quirky and cute.  In a recent blog written about them, here is a short summary of what they do.  “Looking for a simple yet uniquely designed greeting card, print, or piece of jewelry? Check out Gold Teeth Brooklyn, a one-of-a-kind Brooklyn-based designer that specializes in just that. Each greeting card features a simple color drawing of anything from bananas to beach balls to birthday candles. The prints are similar, and the jewelry consists of a single gold or silver charm on a chain. The designer offers charms like a gold tooth (of course), peanuts and pistachios, or  a pencil charm, perfect for a back to school look.  Gold Teeth Brooklyn products can be found in stores like Anthropologie, Urban Alchemist, Brooklynski, Steven Alan, or Word bookstore, but also online at SupermarketHQ and Etsy. “ – article from Becoming Brooklyn

Check out more of Goldteeth here.

Look at some of their cards, ugh I can’t stop!


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