Flaming O?

Flaming O? I meant to say flamingo hahaha.  Good news this week I got a new job to do from Melissa, the designer.  Her friend Cat Lofgren, located in Copenhagan, Denmark,  asked if we could help her design a logo for a new brand of clothing she is getting ready to release.  The brand is called Flaming Lifestyle, focusing on beach and summer wear for all women.  Things like sarongs, tube tops, skirts, flowy dresses, and just anything you can think of that is free flowing, chill summer wear but still sheek and stylish.  She gave us a few pinterest boards to follow.  Using pinterest as design inspiration is a genius idea, I don’t know why I didn’t get addicted to it from the first place.

Check out her boards here for inspiration and lettering.

Melissa told me that when you create logos, you have to make a lot, to get to a good one.  You’re not going to design a great logo at your first try.  You have to keep editing and trying new things to make it work and look professional.  She told me to create a bunch, and over the next few days we will slowly go through and critique each one in order to point out what needs to change.   So here are my first few rounds at creating the right logo for this brand, please don’t judge too harshly! c: Keep checking up for updates on the logo!


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