Booker NYC 2014

Week 3:  So last week we had model castings for a photoshoot, well this week was an awesome week because the photoshoot for Booker’s 2014 spring lookbook happened!  Teddy Telles was the photographer and I got to be a production assistant.  Teddy showed me how, from start to finish, to set up a black fabric backdrop with 2 T stands, and a white paper backdrop as well.  It was a really got experience for me to watch and assist from start to finish how a photoshoot is done.  The designer Jameelah had a vision in mind, and showed us her pinterest picks of close photographs that she was going for.  These photos were hard, sexy, confident, yet effeminate at the same time. Jameelah wanted the model Taylor to give some twisted poses but still hard and confident. The designer wants any woman to feel empowered in her jackets, so she wanted the photographs to match that intensity.  The make-up artist had a pinterest board to follow as well.  You can view the pinterest boards here.

Sometimes crazy happen during photoshoots and it just so happened that this was one of them haha.  In order to create bulk supply, the designer Jameelah hired a seamstress company to create her designs.  There were about 6 different jackets for all of the looks.  However, the seamstresses were still working pass the deadline which was earlier this week.  So Jameelah ended up giving them until 2:30 pm today to have the sixth jacket made , but the only problem was her assistant was not here to pick it up.  Guess who had to go lol.  I was actually really excited when I volunteered because I thought it would be so awesome to see what a seamstress company in the middle of Time Square would look like!  Off I went to pick up the final leather jacket.  It honestly felt crazy running into a garment factory in a building in the middle of Time Square, watching the jacket come hot off the iron and into my hands.  Then here I am jam-packed in the train with every person possible and trying to protect this leather jacket.  It was a bit of a time this errand took, but I eventually got back with the jacket to completing the final look and the photoshoot.

As for the photoshoot photos I wish I could show everyone but that would be spoiling it.  Just keep checking in for new posts and once its printed and released I’ll have it posted as well!


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