Another week of the internship is now over and flew by compared to the first week.  My thoughts this week are that I am liking this place more and more each day.  In my design classes at school I keep asking myself what I want to use these skills toward.  What can I do with this as a career after I graduate?  These were the types of questions I wondered daily, stressing and panicking over not knowing what I could become after school was over.  And here I am at this internship, going there everyday and working in the studio, creating logos and doing design work for clients.  Sometimes I like to take a step back and think about what I’m doing, and this time when I did that, I realized  I really could see myself doing this as a living and a practice.  It was just like design school in which the studio becomes a daily visit to doing creative work, except in the real world, the clients become the motive and drive behind the work.  This vision gave me hope to a bright future because I realized that I can do what I love as a living, satisfying my soul and my bank account.

Week 2 : A lot happened this week.  One of our clients in the name of Jameelah Booker is a designer of these fantastic leather jackets designed to empower women.  Nothing Something designed her look-book last year and asked us to do another shoot for her spring looks.  Today was a casting call for the photoshoot, meaning they had a couple hours scheduled that they had an open model call for girls who were interested from any agency.  What happens is that the model comes in, shows us her portfolio of photographs (some in a binder, some on their iPad which was awesome) , and then we show them what type of look we were trying to achieve and had the model take a few action photos with Jameelah’s jackets.  Our design team was looking for more of an edgy, but rough and intense look to give that sense of empowerment within a confident woman.  This was a really nice experience to see the process from start to finish.    Below are a few photos of some photographer/model action going on.

Jameelah presented her line of leather jackets during New York Fashion Week Spring 2014 (click the link below to hear her story and click here to view her jackets)

Jameelah Booker NYFW Spring 2014

These are some sample shots taken by photographer Teddy Telles for the Booker lookbook.  View all the shots from the entire photoshoot here

To end the night of with a nice finish, there is a great view on the street that I work.  West street sits right on the river that separates manhattan and brooklyn so I get to see a great view of the big city against the clear water.  It’s as close to the beach as it gets here lol.  Anyways, there’s a small walk-way park right next to the abandoned factory and this is where I got some shots of the manhattan skyline at night.


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  1. Rachel Glasser

    Wonderful Jonathan!!!!!!! You are a vision!!

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