NY art scene

This weekend I met up with fellow VC friend Eric Leighton, and tried to soak in all of the artsy fartsy galleries down in Chelsea.  We were hoping to get discovered, it didn’t happen, we are gonna keep dreaming and trying haha.

We started off at Joshua Liner Gallery to see the works of Kris Kuksi and Riusuke Fukahori.  Kris created these amazing emotional sculptures full of energy and emotion.  Each sculpture was extremely detailed from bottom to top with mini sculptures and objects put together by the artist.  Each section of the sculpture had a conversation or story between the characters and objects that interacted each other.  There was no beginning or end, the pieces invited the viewers to create and imagine the scene that was going on right in front of us.  There was so much to absorb, your thoughts and ideas from looking at the pieces could’ve gone anywhere.  I was getting this dramatic gothic view of a battle between angels and soldiers, and their will to survive and struggle through the pains of life.  Riusuke’s work on the other hand were these mind blowing sculptures of goldfish in a variety of forms that looked 100% real but I then found out that all of the pieces were made of resin and paint!  It was unbelievable.

As we were gallery hopping, we stumbled into a gallery with the works of Julie Cockburn.  I think her work was my favorite of the day because of the creativity behind her work.  Julie had a collection of old time film photographs that she created a new composition and meaning with sewn thread and her technique of color combinations.  Her alternative style really attracted my attention because I also have been experimenting with using old found photographs and manipulating them to forming a new meaning.  Julie’s execution of the photographs however are far more impressive than mine are though.  Seeing this gave me inspiration on continuing my ideas with the old photographs that I have.

After many gallery visits we were reaching the end of the strip and realized their were only a few galleries to go.  At the end we happened to stumble upon this gallery called Klein Sun Gallery, with the paper sculptures of Li Hongbo.  It wasn’t until the day after that I saw it was featured on the Hi-Fructose website.  It was really cool and inventive.  And finally,  we ended the night with a surprise gallery opening at Jonathan Levine Gallery featuring Jesse Hazelip and Eloy Morales, both of which were present at the gallery as well J. Levine himself.  It was a pretty surreal experience at my first NY gallery opening at such a well known place. Below is a slideshow of our visits.  


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