Nothing becomes Something!

DAY 3:  Today is my 3rd day here as an intern at Nothing Something.  Walking into the studio for the first time left me in awe as I enter this abandoned rope factory turned artist studios.  We are on the 5th floor, but on every floor is a different design, photography, or creative group co-collaborating and influencing each other.  Nothing Something consists of only a few designers and a photography with amazing talents and drive.  What drew me to their company in the first place was their design aesthetic.  Their work is hardcore and full of passion and energy.  Their creative director is currently in California working on a branding project for a wine making company, so I an helping the design crew hold down the fort.

Their studio is so beautifully decorated with all of their wine bottles, packaging work, and all of the design products they have created…it’s almost like a showroom of all their work, creating this awesome environment.  They also have a separate 1000 sq. ft root that is an untouched room of the abandoned rope factory.  Just try to imagine the rusting iron, the peeling paint chips, and run down wood beams still holding the room apart.  This is where they do a lot of their photoshoots and model fittings, giving the whole look a very grunge rock feel.  I am in love.

IMG_3328 IMG_3345IMG_3330 IMG_3346


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