Off to Brooklyn!

I am so happy to say that I will be doing an internship at Nothing Something NY in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for the winter!!  Although the weather is icy cold, I am making the move up to Brooklyn today!  It is crazy how you dream of something so much and you want it so bad that you force yourself to do whatever it takes in order to achieve that dream.  All of my studio mates at school know how much I wanted to get myself to Brooklyn and although I had hope, I never thought it could happen.  I am looking forward to learning a ton, seeing NY like I’ve never seen it before, and hopefully getting a chance to make this a permanent job and stay in Brooklyn!  I will update daily on drawings, photography, and honestly anything and everything interesting that I will discover while roaming the streets of Brooklyn, so please follow me if you wish!

Here are a bunch of business cards I handmade for this journey I am soon to embark on, wish me luck!!!……

Photo Jan 03, 3 42 20 PM Photo Jan 03, 3 49 21 PM


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