In a design class, my first project of the semester was to symbolically represent myself currently using a single woodblock.  I know this project sounds very peculiar and out there, but this became a challenge for myself that forced me to dig a little deeper into figuring who I am and what I represented to myself at the moment.    What am I? Who am I?  you ask, well I finalized this question to a few key traits.  At this point in time, I’m a struggling 23 year old chinese American student currently still stressed and figuring out all the details in my life.  Who am I as a designer? How am I going to make money? When am I going to find love?  These are all the questions that my unconscious asks me daily.  With all of this weight on my shoulders, I become easily broken and fall apart mentally and emotionally at times.  Fortunately, my family, my friends, and just the little things in life bring me right back up daily, and revive me back to the best I can be……..I guess life for me is an emotional roller coaster with many drops, flips, and turns just waiting to challenge me.  This moment of self discovery became the inspiration for my design.

Materials: Wood, hemp, leather, fasteners
















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