Aphex Twin / Richard D. James Album

……….3-D photos will be updated soon c:

please click play to this song…it will help with where the designs and photos were inspired from.

Aphex Twin – Fingerbib

This was by far my most favorite project of the semester.  I re-designed a 12″ vinyl sleeve along with a CD supplement for the sound artist Aphex Twin – Richard D. James Album.  The inspiration of design came from all of the songs as a whole, but mainly from one chosen song titled “Fingerbib.”  Starting with this song, I listened to it about 100 times everywhere I went in order to fully submerge myself in the feeling and mood that this song put me into.  The type of setting that this song visually expresses is an ambient environment in which there is an ocean of hazy objects floating in space.  Layering on top, I hear small round spheres that continues on a long unknown path, leading you into this strange place until the song ends.  Using these descriptive thoughts, I began writing pages and pages of these descriptions that eventually led me into my found images, and finally the design of the type.  

………the process

In class, we practiced drawing to music and learning to feel what types of shapes, textures, and images come to mind when listening to different types of sounds.

Following this, I went on a photo site and browsed through many photos until I found a couple that related to the vibe I got off of listening to Fingerbib. Weird landscapes, evoking images, and large fields were what I targeted.  After printing, I used oily colored pencils and drew patterns and objects on top.

and finally, I came up with my final designs for the type and background.  I decided to creating my own environment with the found images, and to painstakingly hand create the typography for all of the song titles and text.  Here are the final files of the CD and vinyl.  ENJOY c:

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